Let’s all be one



I was walking at 42nd Street Port Authority on my way home, I saw a bunch of people on the right side part of the pathway heading to my train. As I approach the crowd out of curiosity wanting to know what is going on, I see that people are writing on a sticky notes, I didn’t have any idea until I read the notes on the wall saying “We can survive this”, “One love”, and “Lets leave everything to God”.

I still wondered, why are they doing this? So I asked the person who made this event and he told me ” What’s your message for the people of America? “. I have a ton things to say, but the only thing that came to my mind while cops are trying to get rid of the people who started that movement is ‘Let’s all be ONE!’

I wrote it down, insist to stick it on the wall and left, considering that they are going to remove it anyway. As I walk back to my train station, I was thinking about the election that had happened. We all have different views and opinions, but I respect what everyone else’s decision. As a J1 Visa holder, I am indeed shock of what trump’s planning to do, knowing that it is going to be harder  for us foreigners who wanted to experience and explore the america is upsetting.


Feeling like my dreams are shattered, I felt unaccepted but I didn’t get discouraged. I know it hurts, but it is what it is. It’s up to americans who they want to lead their country, they only believe what is best for them and who knows what really his intentions are. All we can really do is accept and like I said before respect, because nothing will happen if we just hate and complain of what the results turned out to be and it honestly won’t make any difference if we disapprove. Let’s have peace in our mind and just see what will happen, cause in time the truth will show.