Let’s all be one



I was walking at 42nd Street Port Authority on my way home, I saw a bunch of people on the right side part of the pathway heading to my train. As I approach the crowd out of curiosity wanting to know what is going on, I see that people are writing on a sticky notes, I didn’t have any idea until I read the notes on the wall saying “We can survive this”, “One love”, and “Lets leave everything to God”.

I still wondered, why are they doing this? So I asked the person who made this event and he told me ” What’s your message for the people of America? “. I have a ton things to say, but the only thing that came to my mind while cops are trying to get rid of the people who started that movement is ‘Let’s all be ONE!’

I wrote it down, insist to stick it on the wall and left, considering that they are going to remove it anyway. As I walk back to my train station, I was thinking about the election that had happened. We all have different views and opinions, but I respect what everyone else’s decision. As a J1 Visa holder, I am indeed shock of what trump’s planning to do, knowing that it is going to be harder  for us foreigners who wanted to experience and explore the america is upsetting.


Feeling like my dreams are shattered, I felt unaccepted but I didn’t get discouraged. I know it hurts, but it is what it is. It’s up to americans who they want to lead their country, they only believe what is best for them and who knows what really his intentions are. All we can really do is accept and like I said before respect, because nothing will happen if we just hate and complain of what the results turned out to be and it honestly won’t make any difference if we disapprove. Let’s have peace in our mind and just see what will happen, cause in time the truth will show.

Ugly Kitchen NYC

UGLY KITCHEN, 103 1st Ave, New York

Food cooked to perfection, good drinks and great service!

dsc02566.jpgA rustic place that has a modern twist to it, simple yet nice spot to chill. My friends came from the Philippines to visit here in NYC and as we are strolling around, one friend of mine said “Guys, we should try Ugly Kitchen, It’s one of the best asian fusion and filipino cuisine here!”. I didn’t think twice, knowing that it’s been a long time since I had filipino food. The bar is on the left side while tables are seen as you walk furthur more inside. wp-1478117197705.jpg

We went there on a weekday (Tuesday) and they had a $2 dollar sisig taco which is bomb diggity and discounted price on their selected drinks. The happy hour is applicable at the bar only. I absolutely like everything they served us, and I am not going to lie, I have devoured every dish we had on our table. The service is definitely a thumbs up! Very accomodating and cool employees.

I have to say that the food does not only look delicious, it definitely taste good. It reminds me so much memories back when I was in the Philippines. Overall experience, Ugly Kitchen gave me the taste of PINAS and I would come back if I crave something “SARILING ATIN NA PAGKAIN”. If you have a chance to visit NYC, and I ask you which restaurants you have went to..

Don’t tell me you haven’t been to Ugly Kitchen!

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Museum of Wax


We all know that there’s so many things to do in New York City, but I have to ask, Have you been to Museum of wax?

This place is called Madame Tussauds located at 234 W 42nd Street. I was curious seeing that this kind of museums are one of the most visited by tourists. Since, I heard it’s interesting, I made a decision and go ahead to see it myself. I bought the celebrity ticket for $29 and it’s much cheaper rather than buying upfront. There are two other options if you want to see another set of wax editions, one is Superhero and the other is Ghostbusters dimension.

At first I thought it’s going to be a bit boring, but I honestly had fun! It’s amazing how the artists create this kind of art since they have put a lot of effort and time before they finish one full-sized wax. I could lie by posting a picture of me with a celebrity saying that i’ve seen them in person and that shows how real looking they are. (some of them LOL). I would say, if you are planning to visit the Museum of wax, bring your friends or family and have fun because there are so much to laugh about. To be honest, I was just fooling around taking pictures and videos. So if you’re looking for things to do in NYC…

Try Madame Tassauds, that is something to see!


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Internship in New York City

People have asked me why I chose to leave the country (Philippines) for my internship. You may be wondering, why outside of the country? Why one year of internship? To be honest, it doesn’t have to be far away, it didn’t have to be that long but I chose it anyway knowing that it will benefit me in the future.

New York City is one of most fast paced environment i’ve been to, the streets are busy, the firetrucks are screaming and everybody seems to be in a war with the clock.
What is an Internship?

Some of you may know what it means ” An Internship is an opportunity offered by an employer to potential employees, called interns, to work for fixed, limited period of time” Usually Internships are offered to those who are in college or graduate students.

How did I get a placement internship here in NYC?

First of all, back when I was still planning on which country I should go to, I asked myself where do I see myself? Is the lifestyle going to fit me? Fishing some information about what it’s like to stay in a different country really does help because it gives you an idea if it matches your personality. Knowing that I’m outgoing, loud (in a good way! LOL)  and always out for an adventure I knew I would fall into NYC as one of my choices. If you’re a type of person who just wants a chill and homey vibes, I would recommend going to another state like California or Florida.

Finding an internship placement is not easy, there are limited opportunities for students who wants to go internationally.  I would advice to not expect too much about getting to a company that you hoped for. I am not saying that you won’t get in, it’s just rare that you match with the company you like. Since I am a business student, I could work in different departments like marketing/sales, finance or operations. I’ve always wanted to get into a fashion industry, but I was’t able to obtain a paid position. Just a heads up, most fashion companies doesn’t hire interns for a paid position and it usually lasts for 2-3 months only.

One month passed by, my agency finally called me and told me that there’s a potential company that offers a paid internship for a year, it’s a security system provider that has an open position for marketing and operations. I already took it and set up an interview to get more information about the tasks and the company.  After the interview, I got the position and started processing my paper works that took me about 2-3 months to handle. It may not be the industry that I want to get into, but it made me realize that learning something new is more important considering that I would discover my skills and expand my knowledge in a different career.

The agency I went to is called OBEI Philippines, they are responsible in looking  for the company and taking care of all the paper works from insurance to visa processing.  Usually, it will take weeks or months before getting an interview from the company, which is normal since we all know that visa takes long to process. Looking for the right company that complements your field of study and interests is a little bit hard to find too, for the reason that most companies would rather get interns locally instead internationally due to loads of work to be done. I would say, please be patient because it’s going to be worth it. At first I was losing hope thinking that I wouldn’t be able to achieve it, but hey! Here I am living the life that I have imagined.  img_20161030_111523.jpg

Why will it benefit me?

Clearly, NYC has given me a totally different perspective of reality. A year work experience in a different country and culture has taught me a lot throughout the course of my internship. I discovered skills that I thought I couldn’t do.I became more confident, mature, stronger from the challenges I have faced with and I am glad I made the biggest decision of my life because I know it changed me for the better.

Last few words before I end this reading,

Chase your dreams, follow your instincts and slowly you will get to where you want to be.

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